The next generation LMS inside Office 365


Office 365 and Skooler: The perfect match!

The combination of Skooler’s Learning Management Tools and Office 365 provides a comprehensive solution for the Teacher, Student and Parent, covering their essential everyday tasks.

Our tools for schools

Skooler for the teacher

As a teacher, you need to take attendance, set coursework, students work needs to be assessed and you need to monitor progress & maintain ILPs. In addition, you need to plan and communicate with parents.

Skooler reduces the time you use on all this to a minimum.

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Skooler for the school leader

As a school leader, you need overall performance indicators & progress reports to support school improvement. You also need a cost-effective channel to enhance home school collaboration and one common place for internal communication & collaboration. 

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Skooler for the parents

As a parent, you want to follow your children’s homework & performance at school, so you can support & assist. In addition, you need to see their attendance & behaviour reports. You also want to be reminded of parent evenings and to book parent consultation time.

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Skooler for the student

Assessment Addin Eng

As a student, you need to know which Assignments are given to you, do your homework and hand it in, and see your results. In addition, you need to be kept up to date and collaborate with your teacher and classmates.