Skooler makes school life easier


Skooler + Office 365

The combination of Skooler’s Learning Management Tools and Office 365 provides a comprehensive solution for the Teacher, Student and Parent, covering their essential everyday tasks.

The perfect match!

Our tools for schools

Skooler for the teacher

As a teacher, you want to spend quality time teaching and empower your students with great knowledge. With Skooler, you remove time consuming tasks and eliminates duplications and distractions.

Skooler makes teachers spend more time in the classroom.

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Skooler for the school leader

As a school leader, you want to monitor overall performance of your school. You need to be cost-effective, distribute information and have a userfriendly educational platform for all teachers, students and parents.

Skooler makes your school more efficient.

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Skooler for the parents

As a parent, you want to follow your childrens’ performance at school in order to assist. You can monitor attendance and behaviour reports. In addition, you can book parent consultation time and be informed of school events.

Skooler simplifies parent involvement.

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Skooler for the student

Assessment Addin Eng

As a student, you need to receive and accomplish assignments to obtain results. Further, you want to ensure easy collaboration and communication with teachers and other students.

Skooler makes learning effortless.